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Sustainable Supply With Desire…

In addition to exploring the beauty of organic and ecological farming throughout Turkey, 3A not only promotes but also exports organic and ecological agricultural products grown in Turkey to international markets through import and export activities. 3A Group has production sites and partners around the country making possible for us 3A to export 60 different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables.

3A Logo-03.png

Sustainable sourcing

  • Identify the top Farm in Türkiye

  • Visit all one by one 

  • Look for suppliers that prioritize sustainability in their operations

  • Consider suppliers who are certified by relevant organizations, such as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, or Organic certification bodies.

  • Ensure that suppliers comply with relevant environmental and labor regulations.

  • Approve the suppliers as a strategic partners if they have sustainable farming practices,  integrated pest management, and water conservation techniques. They are also working to promote soil health and biodiversity on their farm

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